Saturday, May 27, 2017

Petite Equestrian Program

Week of July 31-August 3 (rain date: Friday, August 4), 9-10:30 AM, Forest Road Park.
Ages 3-6 (groups broken down according to age & experience, if any)

Participants will learn safety on and around the ponies, grooming techniques, basic riding skills, and other primary horsemanship skills. While not a Horseback Riding program per se, the program includes an exciting riding component: a portion of each session is dedicated to actual riding, learning how to properly mount, hold the reins and control the horse/pony at the walk and some trotting. Sessions aim to develop confidence and motor-coordination skills while providing a supportive, fun, and nonthreatening environment. This can be a participatory program for parents who so desire. The perfect preparation for private or semi-private lessons for eager young aspiring equestrians! Repeat participants are welcomed as PonyShare constantly introduces new games, challenges and course materials. A winner by many… furlongs, this program tends to book fast. Register today!

Price: $195.00

Note: Children should dress appropriately for weather conditions with strong hiking shoes, jeans or sweatpants, fluids, and on the last day a cut carrot or apple.

Registration: You can now register and pay online! To do so, click here and follow the instructions on how to register online. If you prefer to fill out a paper form and pay by check, you can download a registration form. For more information, call Fanwood Recreation, 908 370-7092.