Saturday, May 27, 2017

Recreation Commission

The Recreation Commission is comprised of seven commissioners and four alternates, and oversees recreational programs for the residents of Fanwood. All members of the Commission are volunteers who are Fanwood residents. A Director and an Assistant Director manage the day-to-day operations that the recreation programs require.

Watch the Community Calendar throughout the year or click here for the latest on Recreation events.

Recreation Commission Members

  • Joe Valente — Chairperson
  • Neil Pierce
  • Mike Szuch
  • Mike Kelly — Treasurer
  • Anthony Carter — Secretary
  • Joanna Budries
  • Amy Boroff
  • Bruce Zakarin (Alternate #1)
  • Eryn Sinclair (Alternate #2)
  • Alternate #3 — vacant 
  • Alternate #4 — vacant
  • Council Liaison: Erin McElroy-Barker
  • Bob Budiansky,  Director
  • Vacant, Assistant Director


Borough of Fanwood
75 North Martine Avenue
Fanwood, New Jersey 07023

Attention: Recreation

Phone: 908 370-7092 

Email: “fanwoodrec” at “” (this email address is written this way here to prevent spam from being sent to it; to use this email address, remove all quotes, remove all spaces, and replace “at” with @)